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Welcome to the Little Ealing History Group website. We are a group of local residents interested in researching the history of the Little Ealing area, which is within the London borough of Ealing.

Announcement by the organisers of the West London Local History Conference 2020

The 40th West London Conference will take place online on 28 November. We know that many members of our potential audience will have been using Zoom for the last 6 months, to keep in touch with work, family and friends and while we know some will not wish to take part by this medium we hope that the majority of ticket holders will do so.

By providing most of the original programme on a single day we hope that it will still feel like an "event" even though most participants will be at home. We will begin with an introduction to the way we will run the day and then offer the programme as one-and-a-half-hour elements with half-hour breaks for coffee, lunch and tea in between. The zoom meeting will not be closed down during these breaks and participants may wish to talk amongst themselves in these periods! We will start at 9.45am and aim to finish at about 3.45pm. There will be scope for questions after each talk.

Ticket holders who wish to join the Zoom conference should email the Secretary to the Conference, Elizabeth Velluet, on  They will then be added to the list of bookings and notified of the Zoom link shortly before the event. There is a limited number of places, so if you book a place then find you cannot attend, please let us know in case we have a waiting list.

Ticket holders who do not wish to join on 28th should return their ticket, together with their name and address, to West London Conference 31B Brook Road South, Brentford, Middlesex TW8 0NN with a stamped self-addressed envelope, so that a refund can be arranged.

We have never presented our annual event like this before but we think it will be fun - and we are looking forward to marking our 40th conference

Our book is available.

An American President in Ealing
The John Quincy Adams Diaries 1815-1817

John Quincy Adams lived in this area with his family during the period 1815 to 1817 when he was the US representative to Britain. Later he became the sixth president of the United States.

Adams kept a diary throughout his life and our book is based on his writings during his period living in Little Ealing. They give a fascinating insight into the life of the family and the local community in the early 19th century. We have researched the wider background to life in the area at the time and the people who lived here. Chapters cover the Adams’ family life; local residents; social events and fairs; sickness and health; social conditions; religion and education.

The book is packed with historical information and illustrations. Whether you are interested in local history, or in British or American history generally, we are sure you will enjoy reading this book as much as we enjoyed writing it!

“An extraordinarily rich tapestry, weaving together international relations, diplomacy, economics, social and local history, and the human story of John Quincy Adams and his family. But the golden thread running through the whole book is a deep knowledge and love of what life was like in Ealing and its sister villages in the first decades of the 19th century. Beautifully written and carefully crafted, this little historical gem is a must read”.
Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, Chair Pitzhanger Manor Trust, former British Ambassador to Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

More details of the content of the book and how to order it are here.

An article about Adams time in Ealing, written by Mary Woods, was published in the Spring 2015 issue of Around Ealing, which you can download.

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