Cover Image of An American President in Ealing

An American President in Ealing

Between 1815 and 1817 Ealing had a perhaps surprising resident. John Quincy Adams, later to become the 6th President of the United States, was appointed US representative in Great Britain and came to live with his family at Little Boston House in Windmill Road on the border of Ealing and Brentford in West London.

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Cover Image of Little Ealing - A walk through history

Little Ealing - A walk through history

A new edition of our book on the history of Little Ealing has recently been published.

Little Ealing was once a sleepy hamlet surrounded by farmland and orchards. This was not very long ago; it was within the lifetimes of many of those who have contributed their memories to this book. The country lanes have now become busy urban routes and the fields have been replaced with residential roads lined with terraced houses and gardens. Glimpses of this earlier world can still be seen, however, in the remaining old houses, the road layout and the open spaces.

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