Little Ealing - A walk through history

A 56-page illustrated booklet.
Compiled by Paul Fitzmaurice, Helen Johnson, Rosmarie Matter, Joyce Mistry, Rita Smith and Mary Woods for Ealing Fields Residents’ Association.

Little Ealing was once a sleepy hamlet surrounded by farmland and orchards. This was not very long ago; it was within the lifetimes of many of those who have contributed their memories to this book. The country lanes have now become busy urban routes and the fields have been replaced with residential roads lined with terraced houses and gardens. Glimpses of this earlier world can still be seen, however, in the remaining old houses, the road layout and the open spaces. In this book we try to capture something of that past world. We have traced the development of the area from rural hamlet to the thriving and diverse community it is today.

The idea for this book arose from a local history walk arranged by Ealing Fields Residents’ Association, which passes the main buildings and sites of historic interest. The map on the inside front cover shows the route.

Published by Ealing Fields Residents’ Association, March 2002.


Production of this book was made possible by funding from the Millennium Festival Awards for All programme, for which the Association is most grateful. Our thanks are also due to all those who shared their reminiscences of Little Ealing with us, and to the interviewers and others who offered advice. Particular thanks are due to the Local History Centre at the Ealing Central Library, from whose archives many of our photographs have come. Other sources used, apart from published sources, include: Little Ealing School archives, Richard Gray’s historical account of Ealing Christian Centre, and David Twydell’s ‘From Griffin to Griffin, 100 years of Brentford Football Club, 1889-1989’.


  • Acknowledgements
  • Little Ealing
  • Early growth
  • Northfields Station and the coming of the railway
  • Further development of the area
  • Ealing Christian Centre (formerly The Avenue cinema)
  • The Plough Public House and Brentford Football Club
  • Rochester House and Mount Carmel School
  • Little Ealing School in peace and war
  • Ealing Park
  • Blondin Park
  • Little Boston
  • Source books and further reading

Purchasing the book

We have sold all copies and the book is now unavailable.